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Instant Immersion 36 Languages Deluxe v3.0 Retail

Instant Immersion 36 Languages Deluxe v3.0 Retail ISO File

Instant Immersion is #1 in language learning software, with content reaching over 20 million users worldwide. Developed by international linguistic and language experts, each program is strategically designed to meet specific language learner goals and different educational styles. Bonus multiTalkTM Vocabulary Builder multiTalk is every traveler's best friend, giving you 50 key words in 36 different languages! This quick and handy reference tool will teach you essential words in any of the 36 languages and its revolutionary voice training feature will help you sound like a local!

Quickly learn key languages from around the world Pick a country-any country-and you're almost assure of finding its native tongue included in Instant Immersion 36 Languages, your first step to learning a new language. Ideal for business and holiday travelers, Instant Immersion 36 Languages Deluxe software features 36 of the world's most relevant languages with key words & phrases in each so you won't get overwhelmed. With effective, user-friendly curriculum, Instant Immersion invites you to master basic vocabulary and phrases in subjects ranging from food to first words. Each language features an interactive beginner's program loaded with voice recording, quizzes, games & real life conversations, all designed to help you learn ? and remember ? language essentials.

Choose a couple of languages to focus on or learn them all! Unlimited use of all language programs - perfect for brushing up on skills just before a trip. Features 36 of the world's most relevant languages with key words and phrases in each so you won't get overwhelmed.

- Arabic
- Korean
- Bengali
- Latin
- Brazilian (Portuguese)
- Mandarin Chinese
- Cantonese Chinese
- Norwegian
- Dutch
- Polish
- English
- Punjabi
- Farsi (Persian)
- Romanian
- Finnish
- Russian
- French
- Slovak
- German
- Spanish
- Greek
- Swahili
- Hawaiian
- Swedish
- Hebrew
- Tagalog (Filipino)
- Hindi
- Thai
- Hungarian
- Ukrainian
- Irish
- Vietnamese
- Italian
- Yiddish
- Japanese
- Zulu

This quick and handy reference tool will teach you essential words in any of the 36 languages and its revolutionary voice training feature will help you sound like a local!

Product Features
Choose a couple of languages to focus on or learn them all!
Perfect for brushing up on skills just before a trip.
Avoid sounding like a tourist by comparing your speech to a native's using the Speech Recording Feature.
Quizzes, games and interactive exercises keep you engaged and having fun while learning.
Automatically helps you overcome problem areas by keeping track of missed words

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The practice of prayer khusuk

Here is my way, and some steps to get the khusuk prayer and prayer is that obtained in accordance with the guidance of the Prophet Muhammad and the Koran.

1. Prepare the hearts and minds to prayer, for example, the prayer Dhuhur, Asar, or Granted.
2. Take for wuduk PURIFICATION from small ritual impurity
3. Preparation of things to do the prayer room, and other conditions.
4. Stood facing the Qiblah, the second leg a bit stretched. Feel that you are currently faced with God dialam of the highest authorities. Be your He is the sovereign Zagat across the highway.

5. Takbiratul Ihram

Speak takbiratul Ihram while raising both hands in parallel ear and inhale slowly land space to meet the lungs, lungs. Next down both hands above the chest while breath slowly to the lungs, lungs, the land empty perfect .. Place your right hand over left hand above the chest.

6. Do'a Iftitah

Then, slowly pull back the breath of land space to meet the lungs, lungs, slowly hembuskan land while do'a iftitah read:

"Allahu Akbar kabiro, walhamdulilaahi katsiiro, of subhanallahi bukhrataw of 'ashiila. God is most great big kebesarannya perfect, all punji for God as much, and most holy God throughout the morning and evening "Inni wajjahtu wajhiya lilladzii fathorosshamaawaati Wal ardho haniifan muslimaw wama ana musyrikiin Have I hadapkan and fikiranku to make the heavens and the earth , With straight (ber-seriously) and surrender, and I'm not including people who mempersekutukanNya. Innas sholaati, wanusuki, wamahyaya, wama maati lillahi rabbil 'Is. Bling syariikalahuu wabidzaalika umirtu of ana Have Muslims. Indeed shalatku, ibadahku, life, death, only for the Lord God of Time Worlds, No bagiNya allies, with Thus I ordered, and it is the people who have surrendered (Muslims). "

If the breath giants like Random House, which is slowly being exhausted iftitah have not finished reading, then pull back to the sithe lungs, lungs, and then slowly hembuskan continue reading that has not been completed, so the next. Konsentrasikan heart and mind on reading the following weekend. Do'a iftitah mouth read, translated his mind, heart felt the meaning of the sentence read. Let's read that sentence with all your senses and full kekhusukan. Try gasp ended simultaneously with the completion of the reading do'a iftitah.

7. Recital tomorrow

Then slowly pull the breath of land space to meet the lungs, lungs, slowly hembuskan land while Al Fatihah. Konsentrasikan mind and feelings on the Al-Fatihah reading it. Speak with oral, translated by the mind, with the understanding heart. Let's each read a paragraph, follow with visualization. Read the letter to the Al-Fatihah tartil slow and gradual.

When reading Bismillahirrohmanirahiim ... ... imagine how the taste and feel God's mercy on us all.

When reading Alhamdulillahir robbil Is .... imagine how merciful God terpujinya authorities universe.

When reading Arohmaanirrohiim imagine the nature of God's mercy, which includes the universe.

When reading Maalikiyau middin .... To imagine circumstances are of Resurrection later, when we gathered dipadang mahsyar the dry and barren. Are places that no shelter other than naunganNya, which are no shelter other than lindunganNya. He is the ruler of the single are.

When reading Iyya kana'budu of iyyaka nasta'in cultivate in the hearts that only He is worshiped, and to Him only place please help.

When reading Ihdinas shiroothol mustaqiim imagine a straight path, a path full of mercy and berkahNya. When reading Shirothol ladziina an amta alaihim, ghoiril maghdu bi alaihim, waldhoolliin .... To imagine that the straight path is the path by which persons who have received grace and favor from all, not the way the doors and not also go astray.

Try gasp ended simultaneously with the completion of reading Alfatihah.

8. Reads a letter and the paragraph after the selection Alfatihah

After reading Alfatihah pull breath to the lungs, lungs space. Hembuskan breath land Slower while reading a letter or paragraph options. To add a paragraph kekhusuan options can be adjusted to the conditions and circumstances that are affecting us. For example, a female face trial and read the letter al Ankabut 1 to 5. Or Al baqarah 153-157. To evoke the spirit of struggle and get better career, read the letter Ali Imran 26-27, 55-56, or An-Nur Al Bayth 1-4. Commemorating the life of the Hereafter al Waqi'ah read the letter, Al Zalzalah and Al Qori'ah, of course, or paragraph letter read the following destinations have been translated, and so forth. Try gasp ended simultaneously with the completion of the reading choices verses.

9. Bow

Pull gently land a breath and read takwir bow. During the rosary basil read the sentence "... subhanarabbiyal adzim. Praise be to Allah, the most merciful." During the rosary and read the sweet breath land Slower giants like Random House. Saddle shape angle 90 degrees, hands on the knee rest. Feel relaks and comfortable atmosphere during the bow. Gasp ended simultaneously with the completion of reading rosary.

10. I'tidal

Pull gently breath while standing land and say the sentence "... Samiallahu liman HAMIDAH. He has heard that people will memujiNya. ". Both hands lifted up to parallel the ear. Next down both hands kesamping left and right while breath slowly. Standing erect with both hands while the left and right, slowly pull the breath of land to meet the lungs, lungs, and then hembuskan with the land while slowly read: "Robbana lakal hamdu, milussamawaati conscript ul Rosa, conscript umaasyi'ta, min syai'in ba'du ... .. O Lord our undivided all praises for the heavens and the earth, and full of goods that you want after that. " Die Allah with sincere and heartfelt, feels relaks and comfortable atmosphere. Hadapkan hearts and minds entirely to God by the ruler of the universe and your sincere. Gasp ended with the same end do'a reads.

11. The first prostration

Drag breath slowly while land to bow down and down to the takwir "Allahu Akbar". During prostration hembuskan breath land Slower rosary while reading the sentence: "Subhana rabbiyal a'la ... .. Mahasuci the most high God", as can be read. Gasp ended with the same sentence tasbih.Ucapkan the rosary with sincere and heartfelt, feel and atmosphere relaks assign to him. Gasp ended simultaneously with the end of the speech rosary. The duration depends on the strength of prostration of breath and the number of sentences that can be spoken prayer beads. Feel the right environment and correct relaks assign it.

12. Sit Iftirash

Gently pull the breath from the land while sitting prostration by takwir sentence. When sitting Iftirash hembuskan breath slowly while land do'a read: "Robighfirli, warhamni, wajburnii, warfa'nii, warzuqnii, wahdinii, wa'afinii, wa'fu'annii ... .... Yes, my Lord, I ampuni, I rahmati, cover nkeburukanku, derajatku lift, I give sustenance, I gave instructions, I sehatkan, ma'afkan I .... " Speak with do'a really sunguh, with follow-hearted and full of feeling, not the Third hurry. Enjoy for word in this do'a, feel the vibration of every sentence spoken do'a. This is do'a for an ideal life. If God grant to do a this you will not suffer, jumpy, oppressed, confused, and living in poverty and lack. You will receive forgiveness, mercy and blessings, covered keburukannya, appointed in rank, receive guidance in the face of various problems, given the healthy body, and ma'af from God. Try gasp ended with the same end do'a reads.

13. Second prostration

Pull gently breath while prostrate soil and say the sentence takwir. During prostration hembuskan breath land Slower rosary while reading the sentence: Subhana rabbiyal a'la ... .. Praise be to Allah the most high. " Make like the grains of 11. Once finished, continue to hang on a second. Pull gently breath while standing land and say the sentence takwir to continue kerakaat second.

14. Sit tahiyyat

At the beginning while sitting tahiyat breath land Slower do'a read: Attahiyatul mubaarokatus shalawatut thoyyibatulillaah. Assalamu alaika ayyuhanabiyyu warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu, all honor, a blessing, happiness, and for God's goodness, mercy and a berkahNya kupanjatkan the prophet Muhammad O ... ... .. assalamualaina of style ibadillahisshoolihiin, Asyhaduallaa ilaaha illallahu of assyhadu Heather muhammadarrasuulullah, Allahhumma sholli style of the style of Hazel Hazel Incidentally ... .. Salam kesalamatan nice for us to remain slaves throughout the righteous servants. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and I testify that Muhammad is the messenger of God, pour mercy to the Prophet Muhammad and also to the family prophet Muhammad. " At the end of tahiyyat added sentence: .... Ibrahiim kama sholaita style of the style ibraahim Incidentally, the style of barik Incidentally aala of Muhammad Ali Muhammad, Kama barakta style Incidentally Ibrahiim of style Incidentally Ibrahiim anomalouswave alamiina innaka hamiidun maajiid .... You have to give as a mercy to the family prophet Abraham, Give a blessing to Muhammad and his family, as you have nmemberi blessing to the Prophet Ibrahiim and his family. Throughout the universe You are very commendable and very honorable. " If gasp ended before reading do'a finished, drag the new breath again and continue reading while do'a breath slowly land. After a while you say look to the right and left nsebagai cover all kegioatan prayers.

15. All the activities carried out by the prayer, and not relaks Third hurry. Resapi and biological every sentence spoken in prayer. Insya Allah, you will find enjoyment in this prayer. If the prayer movement and the breath you do correctly, you will feel comfortable and warm weather throughout the body. Agency feels more fresh during and after the prayer to make prayer. If you have high blood pressure, if Allah prayers such as this will lower your blood pressure.

Khusuk real effects of prayer day in the life of the day

Prayers are conducted properly and khusuk will cause a real effect in the daily life of the day. Some indicators that can be felt in daily life as a result of days of prayer and the right khusuk among others:

1. Body feels fresh and more relaks during and after the prayer

2. You can feel a favor and facial occupied when the prayer, the heart and mind feels relaks and focus on the sentence that reads. Sometimes your feelings brought out by a paragraph that reads body to vibrate and sometimes crying because you feel kedahysatan God, love and His punishment ..

3. Hearts and minds always feel happy, comfortable about, optimistic in life running away from the blues, depression, panic, fear, hopelessness, stress and oppressive contracts.

4. Have a high resistance to temptation and pressure of life. Various difficulties and falls off does not cause his broken spirit and despair.

5. Reserved despicable act of lewdness and other

6. Have a higher spiritual intelligence in the face and solve various problems that come off a day in the life of the day.

7. Do not fear the threat from anywhere, it is only subject and fear of God in Subhanahu wataala.

If you do not perform prayers and khusuk correctly, you will get the opposite effect from that mentioned above. Some of the indicators that you can observe and feel if you do not correctly and prayers khusuk among others, as follows.

1. Prayers felt as a burden and perceived as a boring activities. During the prayer by the mind where. and there is a desire to be finished from the prayer

2. Prayers do not leave the concrete used in the daily life of the day. Hearts and minds often dirongrong feeling nervous, sad, worried, disappointed, hopelessness, stress and oppressive contracts.

3. Resistance to temptation and pressure of life is very weak, easy to panic and despair. So often tempted to seek alternatives such as the Paranormal, TBA, ajimat act and other Pagans.

4. Spiritual intelligence is weak, so easily tempted to make a disgraceful and despicable act by the other to get what you want.

5. Acaman very afraid of humans and others, fear is overcome in the sense takutnya God, to easily slip on the despicable act and other acts idolaters.

Thus, let us increase the quality of our prayers each, with trying to understand and understand each paragraph or sentence that we say in our day of prayer day. Note the changes that can occur after you perform the prayer properly and khusuk.

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