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Mastering Auscultation

Mastering Auscultation: An Audio Tour to Cardiac Diagnosis

By T. Anthony Don Michael

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
Number Of Pages: 0
Publication Date: 2000-03-14
Sales Rank: 1018257
ISBN / ASIN: 0078642922
EAN: 9780078642920
Binding: CD-ROM
Manufacturer: McGraw-Hill Professional
Studio: McGraw-Hill Professional
Average Rating: 0
Total Reviews: 0

Book Description:

This CD-ROM teaches the most fundamental, and yet most difficult, clinical skill in medicine--listening to, eliciting, and interpreting heart sounds and murmurs--a cornerstone activity in physical diagnosis and the practice of medicine. Presents approximately 70 heart sounds, murmurs, and lung sounds with accompanying echocardiograms, phonograms, phonetics, and patient positioning information. Two modes--instructional and testing--will benefit the novice and expert alike

UpToDate 16.2 PC

Rp. 100.000 (3 CD)
UpToDate is a comprehensive evidence-based clinical information resource available to clinicians on the Web, desktop, and PDA. UpToDate is designed to get clinicians the concise, practical answers they need when they need them the most - at the point-of-care.

Our topics are written exclusively for UpToDate by clinicians for clinicians - more than 3,300 clinicians serve as authors. Our is comprehensive yet concise and it's fully referenced. It goes through an extensive peer review process to ensure that the information and recommendations you access from our service are accurate and reliable. Read our editorial policy.

UpToDate also offers AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credit™, AAFP Prescribed credit, AAP credit, AOA credit, AAPA equivalent credit, and AANP contact hours while you work. Your credits are automatically tracked both on the desktop and online versions.

UpToDate enables clinicians to:
- Access the most current information within their specialty
- Recognize the clinical manifestations of a wide variety of disorders and describe current options for diagnosis, management and therapy, including the efficacy, doses, and interactions of individual drugs
- Identify optimal screening and prevention strategies

UpToDate receives no commercial backing or sponsorship from any organization; and, UpToDate is an official educational program of, or offered in cooperation with major medical societies in the U.S.

UpToDate is currently part of the clinical practice at many prominent hospitals including: Massachusetts General Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Johns Hopkins Hospital, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago Hospitals and many more.

You receive the entire UpToDate library of all the specialties when you subscribe. Learn more about our subscription options.

UpToDate is an official educational program of, or is offered in cooperation with:

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
American Academy of Pediatrics
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
American College of Rheumatology
American Gastroenterological Association
American Society of Nephrology
American Thoracic Society
Society of General Internal Medicine
The Endocrine Society


The Complete Acupuncture, CDROM

This CD-ROM introduces and describes the skilled use of acupuncture and moxibustion. It details the body points and needles used, diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, as well as use in medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, opthamology, and skin diseases. 534 clinical research studies using acupuncture are described in great depth. Videos include an accupuncture demonstration and a comprehensive lecture by Wei Liu, Doctor of Chinese Medicine. Also included are body charts, a glossary of acupuncture points, over 60 diagrams, tables relating to the study of acupuncture, full-text search, annotations, bookmarking, and more. Anyone with an interest in acupuncture, whether practitioner or patient, can benefit from this detailed, yet easy-to-use program.

Practical Acupuncture and Moxibustion
The Basic Principle of Acupuncture Treatment
The Needles, Preparations and Moxibustion
The Classification and Selection of Acupuncture Points
The Location and Measurement of Acupuncture Points

Auricular Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Diseases with Auricular Therapy

Auricular diagnosis is a supplementary diagnostic method of examining the external ear according to the basic theory of TCM and anatomical projection. Any disorder of the body may result in corresponding appearance on the auricle. The purpose of auricular diagnosis is to find various positive reflecting indications, such as color change, sensitive points, substantial mass and electrical resistance changes occurring on any part of the ear's surface. These changes help identify the disease's location and nature.

Nearly 100 common diseases treated with auricular therapy including: Acne, Appendicitis, Bronchial Asthma, Bronchitis, Cataract, Coronary Heart Disease, Diabetes Mellitus, Epilepsy, Female Infertility, Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers, Glaucoma, Headache, Hypertension, Insomnia, Menopause Syndrome, Migraine, Pneumonia, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Simple Obesity, Smoking Habit, Sprain and Contusion, The Common Cold, Tinnitus, Tonsillitis, Ulcerative Colitis, Ureteral Stones, Uterine Bleeding, Whooping Cough, and much more.

Applied Accupuncture

More than 100 kinds of disease in over 200 cases are detailed, including: Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Otozhinolarynology and Dermatology.

The description of each disease involves clinical manifestations, treatments and remarks. Clinical manifestation: the chief clinical symptoms and signs. Treatment: the prescription of acupuncture points, acupuncture manipulations, and some clinical cases. Remarks: selecting points and manipulations according to the clinical feature, brief introduction of some clinical experiences and some recent important advances in acupuncture. All of the diseases presented are named with the terms of modern medicine and, for the sake of contrast, Chinese medical traditional terms are also given in the remark.

The last section is the concept of Bu (reforcing) and Xie (reducing) and their manipulation methods. This is intended to provide a reference for the medical workers in their clinical practice and may also help to broaden patients' understanding.

534 Clinical Research Studies

The purpose, methods used and results of clinical research is detailed for hundreds of medical problems.

Requires: Windows 95?, Windows? 98, ME, 2000, XP, or NT, 4MB RAM recommended, VGA or better, CD-ROM drive, sound card.

Qpuncture Acupuncture Made Simple

Qpuncture Acupuncture Made Simple

Qpuncture Acupuncture Made Simple
WinApp | 90mb + 77.6mb + 3% recovery

Qpuncture is a revolutionary CD-Rom that makes learning acupuncture very easy. This CD-Rom contains complete illustrations, clear explanations of oriental medicine principles, western medicine principles, and all the necessary information for begining self-study and achieving success on licensing exams. Qpuncture is perfect for students, professors to use during lectures for reference purposes, and people who simply want to learn more about acupuncture but don't have much time. MDs, chiropractors, massage therapists, herbalists, acupressurists, and other oriental medicine practitioners can utilize our software for self-study guide.
Who is it for?
Qpuncture: Acupuncture Made Simple is a CD-Rom with a reference guide designed for students, teachers, doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and anyone who is interested in learning about acupuncture. Depending on how many hours you invest, you'll be well on your way to take the exam and become licensed.

What does it do?
Our CD-Rom and reference guide tremendously assist those who are preparing to take the NCCAOM Exam. Qpuncture covers a large portion of the material on the exam. Be assured: You will be prepared. Unlike other previous acupuncture software and textbooks, Qpuncture makes learning simple by providing clear explanations, vivid illustrations, and 3-D rotating images. For those who are already licensed, it is still a great reference tool for clinical applications and a method to combine practices of oriental medicine with western medicine. Whether for professional or personal use, you can learn acupuncture easily and accurately with Qpuncture .

Attention Medical Professionals !
A purchase of Qpuncture will automatically entitle you to be listed free on our National Referral Directory for participating physicians. Furthermore, you'll be able to purchase other upcoming titles at a fraction of a cost! Titles including Neuro-Acupuncture (Human Brain and Acupuncture), Auriculotherapy (Ear Acupuncture),Veterinary Acupuncture, and much more are soon to be released!


Chapter1: Introduction
An Introduction and a brief history of acupuncture with definitions of common terminologies begin this exciting field of the art of acupuncture.

Chapter2: Acupuncture
Explanation and discussion of acupoints of 14 channels, 40 extra points, ear/head acupuncture, and flow channels of 12 channels and 8 extraordinary channels are included. Anatomical landmarks of acupoints and channel pathways and mechanisms are revealed in full-color illustrations animated in 3D technology. In addition, detailed descriptions of various body parts associated with particular acupoints are linked with instructions.

Chapter3: Oriental Medicine
The philosophy and concepts of oriental medicine are introduced and explained. Demonstration and therapeutic effects are included. This chapter provides clinical explanations of commonly diagnosed illnesses. You can easily find any disease by selecting each department. This section is a meticulously abstracted summary of clinical pearls.

Chapter4: Western Medicine
This chapter is a review of basic western medicine. It contains a list of more than 400 various disease symptoms and their diagnosis and treatment under different categories of western medicine, including internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, gynecology, and other fields.

Chapter5: Information
This chapter includes detailed description of the NCCA and CA board information, as well as acupuncture school directory of United States with complete profiles.




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Portraiture 2.2003 Plugin Photoshop (Win/Mac)

Portraiture 2.2003 Plugin Photoshop (Win/Mac) Aperture Portraiture is a Photoshop plugin that eliminates the tedious manual labor of selective masking and pixel-by- pixel treatments to help you achieve excellence in portrait retouching. It intelligently smoothens and removes imperfections while preserving skin texture and other important portrait details such as hair, eyebrows, eyelashes etc. Portraiture features a powerful masking tool that enables selective smoothening only in the skin tone areas of the image. What makes Portraiture’s masking tool truly unique is its built-in Auto-Mask feature. It helps you quickly discover most of the skin tone range of the image automatically and, if preferred, you can manually fine-tune it to ensure optimal results, providing unmatched precision and productivity. For finer control, you can specify the smoothening degree for different detail sizes and adjust the sharpness, softness, warmth, brightness and contrast. Portraiture comes with pre-defined presets for one-click effects and, as with all Imagenomic plug-ins, you can capture your own signature workflow in a custom preset tailored to your specific requirements and photographic portfolio. Features: Portraiture 2 not only looks different, it features plenty of improvements under the surface as well: Multiprocessor support for maximum retouching speed and workflow performance Enhanced skin masking control that isolates adjustments to just the skin mask, in addition to global adjustments. Preset power and the flexibility to create, capture and share custom settings with the new Preset Manager New Preference Settings, including customizable latitude adjustments for mask defaults, and User Interface skins and image display preferences Auto-updating feature so you always have the latest updates from Imagenomic Compatibility: Adobe Photoshop CS2/CS3/ Elements 4/5/6 (including Mac and Windows), Adobe Lightroom 1.5/2.0 (via free automation techniques from Imagenomic) and Apple Aperture 2.1

World War III Black Gold

World War III Black Gold|138MB

World War 3 is a fully 3D RTS with all features that characterize this genre. The game has been developed based on a 3D environment, so that the player can set the camera parallel to any plane and freely zoom in and out. All game objects are 3D, as well as the terrain itself. The units also posse unique, dynamic physical properties. For example, vehicles move faster on hard soil than they would in sand. There are three parties in the game: the USA, Russia and Iraq. Whichever is chosen, each allows the player to select two campaigns, consisting of 5 missions on average. Each campaign begins and ends with a rendered film scene. World War III: Black Gold takes the player to an unknown future. The political crisis goes on for months, and a wave of demonstrations has broken out around the world. A secret conference of the Central Geological UN Commission reveals that worldwide oil stocks have plummeted to dangerously low levels, oil reserves will run out within 8-10 years. As this proves too short for even the most highly industrialized countries to switch their economies over to alternative energy sources, protests close the world and succumbs the whole world economy. The leading forces have declared WW III...

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MOSBY Diagnostic Imaging Expert: A CD-ROM


MOSBY Diagnostic Imaging Expert: A CD-ROM, Reference and Review
# CD-ROM: 1
# Publisher: C.V. Mosby; CD-Rom edition (October 15, 1998)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0815138342
# ISBN-13: 978-0815138341

Book Description
This encyclopedic, state-of-the-art tool is a comprehensive review of radiology for practicing radiologists and residents alike. DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING EXPERT contains an amazing collection of more than 4,000 radiographic images and 1,800 line drawings in one tidy source. You'll find comprehensive coverage of the standard subspecialties as well as information on radiologic physics, nuclear medicine, radiopharmaceuticals and interventional radiology. "The Purple Book," Weissleder/Rieumont/Wittenberg's Primer of Diagnostic Imaging, 2nd Edition, is included complete with helpful tables, charts and outlines. A powerful CD-ROM search engine means you can now quick-search all of this information by key word swiftly and efficiently without flipping from book to book. Faster and more comprehensive than any text, this format is ideal for everyday use in practice and for use as a study tool.




MedExcel© Uploads

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support ACLS

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support ACLS


American Heart Association
2006 American Heart Association
ACLS Supplementary Materials
ACLS Provider Manual
ACLS Core Drugs
ACLS Science Overview Videos
ACLS Self Assesment
Includes ACLS study books, self assessment and videos

ACLS Precourse Self-Assessment Test (PC only)
? ACLS Supplementary Materials
? ACLS Core Drugs
? ACLS Science Overview Video
? BLS for Healthcare Providers Videos

? Adult 1-Rescuer CPR Demo
? Adult Compressions
? Adult Breaths With Mask
? Adult Compressions and Breaths
? Adult Assessment
? Adult Rescue Breathing With Bag Mask
? Adult 2-Rescuer CPR Demo
? Adult 2-Rescuer CPR and AED Demo
? Adult 2-Rescuer CPR With an Advanced Airway


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Simulador de Emergencias Medicas

La simulación la podremos ver en modo interactivo ó en modo explicativo. En el modo interactivo el simulador hará las paradas oportunas y nos dará a elegir una opción indicándonos si nuestra decisión es correcta ó incorrecta, en el modo explicativo el simulador nos irá dando la opción correcta en cada momento decisivo del caso práctico visualizando el vídeo sin paradas. Cada caso de la simulación llevará una locución de introducción del caso que vamos a ver y una locución final resumiendo los pasos más importantes del caso. Durante el proceso de simulación en ambos modos tendremos unas opciones que nos proporcionarán información del caso que estamos viendo. Los controles de video nos permitirán interactuar sobre él.
Son 2 Cd que en su mayoría tienen videos explicativos por medio de animaciones y otros de simulación de casos reales donde veras los pasos a seguir en situaciones de emergencias medicas.
También tiene una sección de lectura “las fichas medicas” que hablan en detalle de cada situación y caso. Todo mediante un software interactivo que te va guiando y entrenando.

Image ... 1.rar.html ... 2.rar.html ... 3.rar.html ... 4.rar.html ... 5.rar.html ... 1.rar.html ... 2.rar.html ... 3.rar.html ... 4.rar.html ... 5.rar.html



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Dorland's Electronic Medical Speller CD-ROM, 5th Edition

Saunders Title
ISBN: 978-1-4160-4906-7

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Dorland's Electronic Medical Speller CD-ROM, 5th Edition

By Dorland

Copyright 2009
$79.95, CD-ROM

Availability: In Stock

Dorland's Electronic Medical Speller 4th Edition


This is something you 100% need to have .. it's a medical spelling addon for Microsoft Word that contain 275000 medical words .. thus helping you to correct the spelling of any medical words you write in word .. it's very good, very essential for you as medical student .. and very very small .. only 1 MB .. So have it today from MedExcel ..


[center]قاموس أضافى طبى لبرنامج
حيث يتم أضافة قاموس طبى يحتوى على 275000 كلمة فتتم مراجعة الكلمات الطبية وقت كتابتها عوضاً عن القاموس التقليدى الذى يفتقر لكثير من الكلمات الطبية.

Download: ... ler_v4.rar




Uploaded by MedExcel .. So small never miss it :)

Immunobiology Interactive(~588 MB)

Credits :
Charles A. Janeway, Jr., Paul Travers, Mark Walport, Mark Shlomchik

320 X 240 swf flash video preview of the Immunobiology Interactive(~2.45 MB) :

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Screenshots :


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Join using hjsplit :

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Patient Tracker Desktop software...



had u ever dreamed about a program archivating ur clinic documents electronically??

now it is between ur hands...

Patient Tracker Desktop software allows u to make a database of ur patients documents including all the patient's history, lab results,...etc.

Patient Tracker enables physicians to receive complete patient chart information remotely, in examining rooms or away from the office, and upload new or changed chart information to the system. Patient Tracker Desktop manages the central database of patient chart data.

Patient Tracker Desktop software works in combination with handheld devices running the Windows CE® or PalmOS® operating system and Patient Tracker software.


Keygen provided by dear jazznewton
jazznewton wrote:
Install the software.

On first use, it will be asking for serial to register the software.

Use the keygen downloaded here:

In the keygen, type the site ID given by the software. Type it in all caps. Include also the "-" sign. E.g. PD-KRYN

Click generate.

Copy paste the serial. Then click register.

Your Patient tracker is now REGISTERED and can be used by 100+ users

If there is any problem arising, just post it in





Charles R. Meader (Author), Hugo C. Pribor (Author)

Product Details
SIZE = 24.2 MB
Publisher: Medtech USA; 1st edition (January 15, 2001)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1889185094
ISBN-13: 978-1889185095

Editorial Reviews
Book Description
DiagnosisPro, developed by MedTech USA, is today’s most powerful, interactive tool which allows healthcare professionals to quickly generate differential diagnoses, based on multiple entries. By simply entering findings such as signs, symptoms, lab values, X-ray or EKG results, DiagnosisPro instantly generates a hierarchical list of diseases from its database of 10,000 diseases, 20,000 findings, and 250,000 relationships.
DiagnosisPro also provides a detailed review of each of the 10,000 disease. Disease reviews include demographic information, clinical presentations, abnormal lab values, pathophysiology, rule-outs, complications, and treatments, plus more than 15,000 ICD codes. The new version includes a hot link to MedLine and Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, as well.

The program's database has been compiled by reputable physicians from more than 70 prestigious medical resources including Harrison's Internal Medicine, Stein Internal Medicine, Cecil Textbook of Medicine, The New England Journal Of Medicine, JAMA, The Lancet, etc.

Differential diagnosis can be generated on a multitude of platforms such as CD-ROM for single user, institutional, network, and Windows CE handheld devices such as iPaq by Compaq , Jornada by HP, and Cassiopeia by Casio. The database can also be integrated with third party contents such as electronic patient records, billing and charting software.

DiagnosisPro is designed to make the physician's practice safer, reduce billing errors, improve the quality of care and save time, especially in complex cases. As some doctors say, "How can you treat it if you can't think about it?" - a must-have decision support tool for every physician.

Book Info
Revised CD-ROM version, for physicians. Offers quick findings on more than 10,000 diseases based on signs and symptoms entries. Includes disease reviews with treatments, ICD codes, and more. May be installed on any Windows PC or Windows CE hand-held device (PDA). Compiled by physicians. Individual version packaged with Cardiac Auscultation software at no extra charge.




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Medical Dictionary 2006 Physicians Desk Reference 60th Edition

Medical Dictionary 2006 Physicians Desk Reference 60th Edition

Size: 124.44 MB

The complete and comprehensive stand alone guide for all drugs on earth

browser based program

Product Details
Hardcover: 3000 pages
Publisher: Thomson PDR; Package edition (November 2005)
Language: English
ISBN: 1563635275

Editorial Reviews
Book Description
The authoritative source of FDA-approved information on prescription drugs.

Physicians have turned to PDR® for the latest word on prescription drugs for 60 years! Today, PDR® is considered the standard prescription drug reference and can be found in virtually every physician’s office, hospital, and pharmacy in the U.S. In fact, nine out of ten doctors consider PDR their most important drug reference source.

The 60th edition is over 3,000

Littmann- Introduction To Heart Sounds

A gift for my birthday to all of you guys![/center]

[center]Littmann- Introduction To Heart Sounds[/center]


Introduction to Heart Sounds explains the origin and characteristics of heart sounds and murmurs and provides auditory and visual waveform examples of the most common of these sounds. Visual displays of time-amplitude plots of the various sounds are provided in time expansion mode to aid in discerning the details of the sound.

Features include:

* Identification of normal and abnormal heart sounds to aid in diagnosis
* Fast access to sound library with accurate visual representations
* Detailed description of underlying heart sound mechanisms
* Multimedia CD-ROM
* Audio playback with synchronised waveform display
* Textual descriptions
* Murmur Mechanism Guide
* Illustrations of the heart
* Compatible with PC and Macintosh systems

Stethoscope Basics

* Techniques: Learn how to get the best acoustical performance from your stethoscope
* History of Stethoscopes: Learn the history of one of the most valuable diagnostic instruments in the history of medicine
* Stethoscope Anatomy: Dissect one of our most popular stethoscopes and learn the significance of each piece
* Short vs. Long Tubing: Determine the tubing length that is right for you
* Differences in Acoustics: Discover what variables contribute to acoustical response






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Pain Relief with osteomassage

Gray's Anatomy _39th edition

Color Atlas of Anatomy - A Photographic Study of the Human Body

Atlas of Vascular Anatomy - An Angiographic Approach

Clinically Oriented Anatomy

==> Download 42 mb part 1

Essential Clinical Anatomy

Essential Clinical Anatomy

Gray's Anatomy for Students

Delmar's Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology

Grant's Atlas of Anatomy - 12th edition