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Ubuntu Customization Pack For Windows XP

Ubuntu Customization Pack For Windows XP

Ubuntu Customization Pack For Windows XP | 20MB
This is Ubuntu Customization Pack For Windows XP.. This pack contains the visual styles for Ubuntu, Cursors, Boot Screen, LogonUI, Screensaver, custom sounds and much more utilities for Ubuntu feel on your windows XP...Instruction inside. Enjoy!!!

Download links:

Seven best plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop from OnOne Software

All OnOne Software Programs

Seven best plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop from OnOne Software. All additions which enter into this package, support Photoshop CS3, and Macintosh.

Photo Tools 1.0
* Preview Photoshop Action Effects
* Combine multiple effects together
* Base set of 150 photographic effects
* 100 extra effects by Jack Davis & Kevin Kuobta
* Perfect for Portrait & Wedding Photographers

Photo Frame Pro 3.1
* Preview frame effect in real-time
* Combine frames for a unique edge
* Adjust blend modes and save to a layer mask
* Base set of 4,000 frames
* Bonus 226 frames from top Photoshop Gurus

Photo Tune 2.2
PhotoTune 2.2 is an Adoobe® Photoshop® plug-in that provides professional quality color correction in an easy to use plug-in. PhotoTune 2.2 incorporates ColorTune technology (formerly known as 20/20 Color MD) with its patented color correction process and SkinTune technology, developed after more than two years of in-depth skin color research. PhotoTune 2.2 makes the tedious and time-consuming task of color correction simple and straightforward to improve your post-processing workflow.

Genuine Fractals Pro 5
* Enlarge Images up to 1,000% or more
* Maintains layered .PSD files
* No need to convert to .STN format
* Supports RGB & Grayscale images
* Native support for CMYK images

Mask Pro 4.1
Mask Pro 4.1 is the premiere, award-winning plug-in for masking in Photoshop. The latest version of Mask Pro 4.1 supports masking 8-bit and 16-bit digital images in both Photoshop CS2 and Photoshop CS3. Several new “Show Me How” video tutorials are built directly into Mask Pro 4.1 so you can get visual training quickly. No other masking or selection tool gives you the professional level results like Mask Pro 4.1.

Focal Point 1.0
The use of selective focus has been part of photography since the very first lenses where invented. There are many techniques used to control either the plane of focus or removing sharpness from edges. The most common way to do this is by controlling depth of field in the camera by using a large aperture lens producing a narrow depth of field. Now photographers have a new Photoshop plug-in to help put the focus where they want - the all new FocalPoint 1.0.

Intellihance Pro 4.2.1
Intellihance Pro 4.2 quickly and dynamically enhances images to make them look their best. Bring several Photoshop dialog boxes into one so you can easily correct your photos based on dynamic before and after previews. Using the improved Quick Enhance adjustment engine, you can visually compare up to 25 color corrected variations of your photo allowing you to easily correct digital images from any source.

Focal Point: 90.9 MB

Genuine Fractals Pro: 20.9 MB

Intellihance Pro: 18.7 MB

Mask Pro: 54.8 MB

Photo Frame Pro: 62.6 MB

Photo Tools: 47.8 MB

Photo Tune: 49.0 MB

Yahoo tools collection 2008

Yahoo Tools Collection 2008

Yahoo tools collection 2008, is a perfect must-have for yahoo! users.

The archive is a collection of necessary utilities and contains the follwing application:
-Alphatool V4.2
-DarkYahoo –Unlocker
-Hot tools 1.0
-Message Monitor
-Password Decrypter 2K v1.0
-Revelation V2
-Shanes Account Banner
-Spynick V3
-Yahoo Avatar Hack
-Yahoo Delete me
-Yahoo Magic Avatar
-Yahoo Message Archive Decoder
-Yahoo Monitor
-Yahoo New sounds
-Yahoo On-Off
-Yahoo Rapid Make mail
-Yahoo spy
-Yahoo webcam Access
-Yahoo winamp


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Emergency Boot Disk - Fix your PC with this Powerful CD

Emergency Boot Disk - Fix your PC with this Powerful CD

Microsoft Boot Disks Collection:
* Bootdisk Essentials
* Bootdisk for MS-DOS V5.00
* Bootdisk for MS-DOS V6.00
* Bootdisk for MS-DOS V6.20
* Bootdisk for MS-DOS V6.21
* Bootdisk for MS-DOS V6.22
* Bootdisk for Win98SE (MS-DOS V7.10)
* Bootdisk for win*ds 95a
* Bootdisk for win*ds 95b
* Bootdisk for win*ds 98 Custom No Ramdrive
* Bootdisk for win*ds 98 Second Edition Custom No Ramdrive
* Bootdisk for win*ds 98 Second Edition
* Bootdisk for win*ds 2000 Advanced Server
* Bootdisk for win*ds 2000 Professional
* Bootdisk for win*ds 2000 Server
* Bootdisk for win*ds Millenium Custom No Ramdrive
* Bootdisk for win*ds Millenium
* Bootdisk for win*ds NT 4.0 Server
* Bootdisk for win*ds NT 4.0 Terminal Server Edition
* Bootdisk for win*ds NT 4.0 Workstation
* Bootdisk for win*ds XP Custom Install Disk
* Bootdisk for win*ds XP System Setup Disk
* And more.


All In One : Photoshop AIO (includes Photoshop CS4 Lite)

Photoshop AIO (includes Photoshop CS4 Lite)

Photoshop CS4 lite
More than 50 brushes for PS
250 Plugins for PS

Download: 115 MB

All In One : All-in-one Albert Einstein ebook

All-in-one Albert Einstein ebook

Albert Einstein - Ether And The Theory Of Relativity
Albert Einstein - On The Theory Of Relativity
Albert Einstein - Physics of Illusion
Albert Einstein - Principles Of Research
Albert Einstein - Principles Of Theoretical Physics
Albert Einstein - Relativity
Albert Einstein - The World as I See it
Albert Einstein - What Is The Theory Of Relativity
Einstein - 1949 - Why Socialism
Albert Einstein - Quotes

Download: 3.23 MB
Windows Drivers (AIO) v1.0

it is a collection of best softwares in windows drivers: backup & restore drivers
(after format, after uninstalling....) without the need for the original
installation cd, including full drivers details of the pc or laptops
from A-Z.
without any installation on your pc and just using
one icon to start.

it contain four programs ( PORTABLE no need for setup) :
-Driver Genius Pro :
Backup drivers & restore, unistall & update
-PC Wizard :
full pc or laptops drivers details
-Graphic Card:
full graphic card details
-CPU : full cpu details

Download: 15.1 MB


Tools for Networking & Administration

AIO Net Tools 4.5.47(many tools)

Tools for Networking & Administration

Network softwares......, for good webmasters and network admin !
Here is the list of all softwares and tools included in Net Tools 4.5. Incredible !
Network admin will be very happy!
IP Address Scanner - IP Calculator - IP Converter
Port Listener - Port Scanner - Ping
NetStat (2 ways) - Trace Route (2 ways) - TCP/IP Configuration
Online - Offline Checker - Resolve Host & IP
Time Sync - Whois & MX Lookup - Connect0r
Connection Analysator and protector - Net Sender
E-mail seeker - Net Pager - Active and Passive port scanner
Spoofer - Hack Trapper - HTTP flooder (DoS)
Mass Website Visiter - Advanced Port Scanner
Trojan Hunter (Multi IP) - Port Connecter Tool
Advanced Spoofer - 2 Advanced Anonymous E-mailer
Simple Anonymous E-mailer - Anonymous E-mailer with Attachment Support
Mass E-mailer - E-mail Bomber - E-mail Spoofer
Simple Port Scanner (fast) - Advanced Netstat Monitoring
X Pinger - Web Page Scanner - Fast Port Scanner
Deep Port Scanner - Fastest Host Scanner (UDP)
Get Header - Open Port Scanner - Multi Port Scanner
HTTP scanner (Open port 80 subnet scanner)
Multi Ping for Cisco Routers - TCP Packet Sniffer - UDP flooder
Resolve and Ping - Multi IP ping - File Dependency Sniffer
EXE-joiner (bind 2 files) - Encrypter - Advanced Encryption
File Difference Engine - File Comparasion - Mass File Renamer
Add Bytes to EXE - Variable Encryption - Simple File Encryption
ASCII to Binary (and Binary to ASCII) - Enigma
Password Unmasker - Credit Card Number Validate and Generate
Create Local HTTP Server - eXtreme UDP Flooder - Web Server Scanner
Force Reboot - Webpage Info Seeker - Bouncer
Advanced Packet Sniffer - IRC server creater - Connection Tester
Fake Mail Sender - Bandwidth Monitor -Remote Desktop Protocol Scanner
MX Query - Messenger Packet Sniffer - API Spy - DHCP Restart
File Merger - E-mail Extractor (crawler / harvester bot)
Open FTP Scanner - Advanced System Locker -
Advanced System Information - CPU Monitor - Windows Startup Manager
Process Checker - IP String Collecter
Mass Auto-Emailer (Database mailer; Spammer)
Central Server (Base Server; Echo Server; Time Server;
Telnet Server;HTTPServer; FTP Server)
Fishing Port Scanner (with named ports)
Mouse Record / Play Automation (Macro Tool)
Internet / LAN Messenger Chat (Server + Client)
Timer Shutdown/Restart/Log Off/Hibernate/Suspend/Control
Hash MD5 Checker - Port Connect - Listen tool
Internet MAC Address Scanner (Multiple IP) - Connection Manager / Monitor
Direct Peer Connecter (Send/Receive files + chat)
Force Application Termination (against Viruses and Spyware)
Easy and Fast Screenshot Maker (also Web Hex Color Picker)
COM Detect and Test - Create Virtual Drives - URL Encoder
WEP/WPA Key Generator - Sniffer.NET - File Shredder
10 Local Access Enumerater -
Steganographer (Art of hiding secret data in pictures)
Subnet Calculater - Domain to IP (DNS) - Get SNMP Variables
Internet Explorer Password Revealer - Advanced Multi Port Scanner
Port Identification List (+port scanner) - Get Quick Net Info
Get Remote MAC Address - Share Add - Net Wanderer
WhoIs Console - Cookies Analyser - Hide Secret Data In Files
Packet Generator - Secure File Splitting
My File Protection (Password Protect Files, File Injections)
Dynamic Switch Port Mapper - Internet Logger (Log URL)
12 Get Whois Servers - File Split&Merge - Hide Drive
Extract E-mails from Documents - Net Tools Mini (Client/Server, Scan, ICMP, Net Statistics,Interactive, Raw Packets, DNS, Whois, ARP, Computer's IP, Wake On LAN)
Hook Spy - Software Uninstaller - Tweak & Clean XP
Steganographic Random Byte Encryption
NetTools Notepad (encrypt your sensitive data) -13 File Encrypter/Decrypter
Quick Proxy Server - Connection Redirector (HTTP, IRC, ... All protocols supported)
Local E-mail Extractor - Recursive E-mail Extractor - Outlook Express E-mail Extractor
Telnet Client - Fast Ip Catcher - Monitor Host IP
FreeMAC (MAC Address Editor) - QuickFTP Server (+user accounts support)
NetTools Macro Recorder/Player (Keybord and Mouse Hook)
Network Protocol Analyzer
Steganographic Tools (Picture, Sounds, ZIP Compression and Misc Methods)
WebMirror (Website Ripper) - Extra Tools (nmap console & win32 version)

Configuration :Windows 98, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista
Category: Applications

Download: 27.5 MB

Islamic Brushes for Adobe Photoshop

Islamic Brushes for Adobe Photoshop

Islamic Brushes for Adobe Photoshop | 912 KB


Islamic Brushes for Adobe Photoshop

Islamic Brushes for Adobe Photoshop | 527 KB



Pass: www.dl4all.com

Ubuntu 7.10 USB installation tutorial:

Hint: You can drastically speed up the install by Copying and Pasting most commands into the terminal instead of manually typing them out. With the exception of replacing x with your drive letter.

1. Grab the Ubuntu 7.10 ISO and burn it to a CD
2. Insert the CD and your USB flash drive
3. Reboot your computer into Ubuntu from the Live CD
4. Open a terminal window and type sudo su
5. Type fdisk -l to list available drives/partitions. Note which device is your flash drive (example: /dev/sda) Throughout this tutorial, replace x with your flash drive letter. For example, if your flash drive is sdb, replace x with b.
6. Type umount /dev/sdx1
7. Type fdisk /dev/sdx
* type p to show the existing partition and d to delete it
* type p again to show any remaining partitions (if partitions exist, repeat the previous step)
* type n to make a new partition
* type p for primary partition
* type 1 to make this the first partition
* hit enter to use the default 1st cylinder
* type +750M to set the partition size
* type a to make this partition active
* type 1 to select partition 1
* type t to change the partition filesystem
* type 6 to select the fat16 file system
* type n to make another new partition
* type p for primary partition
* type 2 to make this the second partition
* hit enter to use the default cylinder
* hit enter again to use the default last cylinder
* type w to write the new partition table
8. Type umount /dev/sdx1 to ensure the 1st partition is unmounted
9. Type mkfs.vfat -F 16 -n ubuntu710 /dev/sdx1 to format the first partition
10. Type umount /dev/sdx2 just to ensure the 2nd partition is unmounted
11. Type mkfs.ext2 -b 4096 -L casper-rw /dev/sdx2 to format the second partition
12. Remove and Re-insert your flash drive
13. Back at the terminal, type apt-get update
14. Type apt-get install syslinux mtools
15. Type syslinux -sf /dev/sdx1
16. Type cd /cdrom
17. Type cp -rf casper disctree dists install pics pool preseed .disk isolinux/* md5sum.txt README.diskdefines ubuntu.ico casper/vmlinuz casper/initrd.gz /media/ubuntu710/

Ignore any "cannot create symbolic link" errors

18. Type cd /home/ubuntu
19. Type wget pendrivelinux.com/downloads/U710fix.zip
20. Type unzip -o -d /media/ubuntu710/ U710fix.zip
21. Restart your computer, set your BIOS or Boot menu to boot from the USB device and reboot again.

You should now have a USB Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon flash drive that should automatically save your changes, restoring them on boot.

Notes: If your having trouble getting Ubuntu to boot, your memory stick may have a corrupted MBR. To repair the MBR of your USB device, at the terminal type sudo apt-get install lilo then type lilo -M /dev/sdx (replacing x with the letter of your flash device)

VTC Ubuntu Linux Tutorials

VTC Ubuntu Linux Tutorials | 234 MB packed | VTC Ubuntu Linux Tutorials | RAR | 282.4 MB unpacked | 3 Part

Product Description: VTC Ubuntu Linux Tutorials

Title: Ubuntu Linux
Author: Charles Griffin
Release Date: 2007-02-22
Duration: 5.5 hrs / 62 lessons
Captions: For Online University members only
Compatibility: Vista/XP/2000, OS X, Linux
QuickTime 7, Flash 8

Rapidshare Direct Download VTC Ubuntu Linux Tutorials Here



Rapidshare Direct Download VTC Ubuntu Linux Tutorials Here


Rapidshare Update

This Time i want to share Rapidshare Account, when i post this this account still alive.
if you wanti to more account please visit Xteam Forum you must active in this forum and they will give you free account Rapidshare. That's all. Enjoy with this Account.


Joey L Tutorial Behind The Scenes The Complete Tutorial - (Most AWESOME Photoshop DVD)

“SIMPLY ONE OF THE MOST AWESOME TUTORIALS I’VE FOUND, THANKS TO SKYWALKER FOR THE REFERENCE. If you use Adobe Photoshop, don’t miss this must-have tutorial” - Maxdugan
In this package containing 2 hours of material, you will find:
Behind the scenes footage from many unique photo shoots covering an array of concepts and lighting situations, including detailed diagrams of the light set ups and props. Both studio lighting and simple techniques using standard reflectors are used
Narrated live screen capture of the editing process, describing in detail all my techniques step by step and how you can do them yourself. Even my granny can follow along, but I am confident there is something for everyone to learn.
Each technique is broken into individual lessons and within the lessons there are different example pictures. This makes sure that you fully understand the range the technique has to offer on individual photographs
A library of custom high resolution (12.7 mega pixel) grunge textures you can use in your own photos- cracks, aged paper, metallic scratches and abrasions, and some other gross stuff I can’t even identify! (But it sure looks neat). There are over 50 textures on the disk, and you can use them for whatever you desire.
Photoshop-loadable actions in which you can ‘play’ on your own pictures and follow along step by step as my preloaded techniques are applied to your photos
Check out the site and see why it’s awesome: http://tutorial.joeyl.com/


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AIO PDF Convertor & Password Remover

AIO PDF Convertor & Password Remover | 6 Mb
Contents:, PDF Password Remover 2, PDF Summary Maker 1.02
PDF 2 Word 1.4, PDF 2 Text 2.7, PDF Easy Converter Pro 2

PDF Password Remover can be used to decrypt protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files, which have "owner" password set, preventing the file from editing (changing), printing, selecting text and graphics (and copying them into the Clipboard), or adding/changing annotations and form fields.
PDF Summary Maker allows you to change the summary information in many pdf's or individual pdfs with ease, this software also includes summary reports.

PDF2Word (pdf to word) software enable export the text, images and other contents from pdf document into word document, so you can reuse your PDF content, pdf to word software will preserving text, layout and bitmap images in the generated word document.

PDF2TXT (pdf to text) software can extract text from PDF files, it does NOT need Adobe Acrobat software. PDF2TXT(pdf to text) processes at very high speed and you can convert multiple PDF files to text files at one time.

Easy Pdf Converter is a software that only asks for few mouse clicks to produce a protected Adobe PDF report from every types of files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, PostScript, HTML, images, maps, Visio, MSProject). Its "ease-of-use" is completed with a professional PDF engine to create the fastest solution on the market to produce PDF files. You can convert a batch of files into PDF files in one click.

Download from Rapidshare
Download from Easy-Share

Happy Family AIO

Happy Family AIO | PC | 635 MB

Ages: 1-9 years old. Children can learn with fun from activities in Happy Family AIO, which also have parental tips to boost children's skills and enjoy studying.

Content :

Toddler Play: Written for parents of children ages 1 to 3 years, and contains over 100 toddler-tested activities for quality play time.
Fun to Learn : Learn 1-2-3's, ABC's, animals, and shapes & colors.
Skill Booster: Fun with math and reading
Poem Pack: 10 colorful, animated poems (flash) with voice over and activities. Each poem deals with a different long vowel sound: ee, oo, y, ai, ea, oa, ay, igh, a-e, i-e. Lesson plans, activity sheets, and texts of poems are included.
Songs for very young learners: A beautiful illustrated collection of traditional songs for young learners of English.
Singing grammar: A resource book of supplementary materials for the teaching of grammar through the medium of songs. It contains eighteen songs, each with a specific grammar focus, and is suitable for students from elementary to intermediate level.
Phonic 1a : An exceptional beginning Phonics and Reading program that thoroughly covers the short and long vowel sounds providing the foundation for reading success. Includes 10 songs with 16 activities that teach, test, and track the student's progress.
Phonic 1b thoroughly covers the one sound consonants and the multi-sound consonants. Then, the program goes on to cover sight words, sounds in the middle of words. 5 songs with 20 activities.
LearnEnglish : 65 fun stories/activities (flash and PDF)
Picture Grammar for Children : 3 Ebooks for starters
Learning Page Activity Packs : Over 80 activities for fun
Ultimate Math Worksheets Unit 1 : Addition, subtraction and miscellaneous
All About Writing : Tips and Exercises.
Helping Your Child : Helping Your Child Become a Reader, Helping Your Child Learn History, Helping Your Child Learn Math, and Helping Your Child Learn Science.(preschool-grade 5)
The Complete Book Collection : The Complete Book of Phonics, The Complete Book of Arts and Crafts, The Complete Book of Time and Money, and The Complete Book of Questions and Answers.(ages 4-9)

download link :




English Vocabulary in Use Collection - Books & CD-ROMs

English Vocabulary in Use Collection - Books & CD-ROMs | 1788MB

English Vocabulary in Use Elementary
English Vocabulary in Use Pre-intermediate & Intermediate
English Vocabulary in Use Upper-intermediate & Advanced
Test Your English Vocabulary in Use Pre-intermediate & Intermediate
Test Your English Vocabulary in Use Upper-intermediate & Advanced
Business Vocabulary in Use Elementary
Business Vocabulary in Use Intermediate
Business Vocabulary in Use Advanced
Test Your Business Vocabulary in Use
English Collocations in Use

Instructions to run the CD-ROMs:
1. Mount the image files (mdf) using Daemon Tools (not older than 4.0.6)
2. Install the Vocabulary CD-ROMs
3. Place YASU.exe in Daemon Tools folder and run it --> click on 'Cloak' button (for the first time only)

download link: